Community Event
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As part of the Communities in Transition (CIT) Health & Wellbeing programme, Ashton Community Trust, in partnership with Lighthouse and YeHa are delighted to host a virtual Community Celebration Event. We are looking for some great talent from within the community to participate. Do you have a talent that would be great to share? All we are asking is that you upload a short 1-2 min video of you performing your talent and send to:
Whatsapp: 07843619441
There is a £20 incentive for interesting videos we receive, so get filming!
Categories Include:
Song / Music
Performing arts
Can you WOW the community with some magic?
Perform a Dance Medley – Get with your friends and decide who has the best moves for different styles and songs. Then create several twenty to thirty second choreographed segments.
Sing or Play an Instrument – Choose a song or instrumental piece suited to your skill level. An easier tune sung or played with perfection is more impressive than a difficult piece you struggle to complete. Even if you have never performed before, if you really want a chance to show what you can do, go for it! Practice and then record yourself.
Physical Talent – Can you show the community some karate moves? Yoga skills or maybe football skills?
Circus Skills – Anyone an aspiring juggler or experienced in other fun circus skills that you could share?