We are currently taking names for the next available courses.  It is expected that blended courses, a mix of in-house and online learning, will be available from September 2020 to ensure everyone’s safety and comply with Covid-19 regulations.

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The CALL/ICT project aims to improve educational attainment, skills levels and access to employment opportunities for local people, particularly those marginalised through negative past educational experiences or those who have been economically inactive for long periods of time.  The project also aims to support, develop and strengthen the community infrastructure in the Lower North Belfast area and increase the skills, knowledge and employment prospects of local people.  The CALL/ICT project runs Essential Skills English, Maths and Basic ICT accredited courses.

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The Essential Skills courses aim to improve the Literacy and Numeracy of participants by using topics and resources relevant to the lives of the learners.

Delivery includes the following:

  • Essential Skills Tutor/Coordinator employed to deliver the project
  • Relevant locally based essential skills materials
  • Providing one to one and small group learning
  • Enabling participants to gain an accredited qualification in numeracy, literacy and ICT
  • Improving the levels of adult literacy and numeracy in the Inner North Belfast area
  • Providing individuals for whom the education system has failed with a second chance
  • Promoting learning as a tool of self-development and raising self esteem
  • Helping support participants to address other barriers to learning
  • Offering participants access to further training and educational opportunities for progression
  • Offering individual advice and guidance support to participants in relation to education, training and employment opportunities

For more information contact:

Hilary Adair or James Laughlin

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E: hilary.adair@ashtoncentre.com

E: james.lauglin@ashtoncentre.com

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