Kinderkids Opening In July 2020 InstagramKinderkids Daycare is planning to reopen again in July 2020 and is looking forward to welcoming back all our children and families.

When our doors reopen, Kinderkids will operate differently. There will be new processes in place to ensure compliance with the new guidance in relation to Covid-19. Getting it right from the start is important to Kinderkids. Parents will be updated regarding the changes prior to their children restarting including information on new drop off and collection procedures, updates policies and access to the building reduced, parents will also receive information on how the pods of children will operate within Kinderkids.

Nothing much will change for the children, hopefully they will quickly adjust to their normal practices and routines and quickly get back to all the fun and learning they took part in everyday at Kinderkids. However, if some children do struggle our trained staff will be on hand to work alongside parents and carers to ease the transition from the home setting to the Daycare.

At this time, more than ever our children need to be reassured and returning to a familiar setting with familiar staff will ease any difficulties they may have initially. We are excited to welcome all our children and families back.

If you are an existing parent requiring more information or at or a new parent wanting to register for a childcare place.
Please contact:
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