Bridge of Hope is a department of Ashton Community Trust that provides wellbeing services in the community to those affected by the legacy of the conflict & poor mental health. We deliver a range of confidence boosting, resilience & stress management programmes as well as complementary therapies and counselling services. We are recruiting for participants to take part in the following programmes:

  • Love Yourself Heal Your Life Residential. Venue: Lusty Beg Island County Fermanagh. Dates 2-4 February and 23-25 February. This residential is based on Louise Hay’s bestselling book ‘You Can Heal Your Life.’ Over two days you will learn how to: Identify and transform negative beliefs; Release resentments and old emotions; Learn techniques for personal healing in life; Experience a fuller understanding of the power of self-love and learn about the power of positive affirmations.


  • Strengths Weaknesses Ambitions and Needs (SWAN): Saturday 17 February McSweeney Centre, Henry Place Belfast – 1 day stress management course that helps people look at lifestyle, work, health & relationships. The course looks at ways to improve how you deal with stress including breathing techniques and practical skills to improve the way you communicate.


  • Take 5 Resilience: Saturday 3 March McSweeney Centre, Henry Place Belfast – 1 day course designed to help individuals and communities develop emotional resilience and wellbeing. The Take 5 training will focus on looking at practical ways the 5 steps (Give, Be active, Connect, Keep learning and Take notice) can be incorporated into everyday life.


  • Empower Me: Saturday 10 March McSweeney Centre, Henry Place Belfast – 1 day course to empower individuals to make positive, proactive and lasting changes in their lives. The course focuses on confidence and communication and will build on these skills as well as teaching everyday techniques to empower you to make decisions & plan for the future.


  • Resilience: This 1 day course helps individuals to identify personal strengths and focuses on how to become more resilient in dealing with life’s challenges. Date & Venue TBC


  • Communication & Confidence: Confidence is an important aspect of life so whether you’re working on your own self-esteem or building the confidence of people around you, this workshop will help you focus on what is important for your own journey of personal development. Date & Venue TBC


  • Life Coaching One to One Sessions: This service helps people identify and achieve personal goals. They help to develop positive patterns in life, build resilience, focus on existing strengths and rediscover purpose in life. Sessions available now. Please ring 028 9543 8707 to book.


  • Reducing Stress for Women: 6 week women only programme. This workshop teaches techniques and strategies to help lead a more balanced joyful life. Women often feel stressed by work-life balance issues as they juggle family, commitments and jobs. This course aims to help provide techniques to redress imbalances. Date TBC.

If you would like to take part in any of these programmes get in touch with Bridge of Hope Training Coordinator Mary Stanton on 028 9032 2289 or email Read more about Bridge of Hope’s work on