kindnessFar too often in our busy lives we don’t take the time to say how much difference, a kind act can make to the lives of others whether that act is done on behalf of an individual, a family or a community.  I would therefore like to say something about an act of kindness that I witnessed recently.

During the Christmas period I spoke to Katrina Newell who works for the Ashton Community Trust as manager of New Lodge Youth Centre.    I told Katrina about a few local families that I knew who were really struggling to make ends meet.  They were at their wits end during the entire run up to Christmas and really fearful that their children would have nothing for Christmas Day.   Her response was simplicity itself, “What’s needed Rosemary”? she asked me.  After I had explained the situation in more detail, Katrina said “Leave it with me”.  Within a short time a husband, wife and family arrived with gifts and the proceeds of a raffle. They didn’t know the families in question nor ask anything about them.  But I can tell you through this act of pure kindness they helped transform the lives of others less fortunate than themselves.   For a few families Christmas Day would now be one of joy instead of one of misery and despair.

In our community there are hidden gems, people who want to remain anonymous and invisible but their kindness reaches out and touches all who come into contact with them.

There are a few other people in our community who I feel I must mention who always go the extra mile to help others.  To Christine McKeown Head of Kinderkids Daycare from the Ashton Community Trust and Anne Delaney from New Lodge Arts at Ashton we offer our very grateful thanks.

Last but not least I need to say a big thank you to Councillor JJ Magee for all his hard work at Christmas bringing food hampers for our community.

Thanks also to all our Food Bank volunteers in TDK COMMUNITY GROUP

We look forward to 2021 with optimism and hope for a better future.

Happy New Year to All

Rosemary McGreevy- Chairperson TDK Residents Group

Community Food Bank