135615508 56a7099c3df78cf77291a016In recent times residents around the general New Lodge have been reporting to community workers a noticeable upsurge in rats moving about the area and increased noise levels, sometimes at night. When demolition of old buildings and major construction works begin it can frequently disturb rats that may already be present in that location and obviously with building works noise levels will inevitably intensify. As residents will know major demolition and construction works are currently happening all around us particularly in the York Street/University area, we have also had housing works ongoing in the Long Streets.

If you need to report on these issues confidentially contact the following;

Belfast City Council Pest Control
This pest control service can help you get rid of rats, mice, fleas, flies, bedbugs and cockroaches. The service is available to domestic householders living within the Belfast City Council area. To book an inspection or for more information call 028 9027 0431 or email pestcontrol@belfastcity.gov.uk. They will need your name, address and contact details, or, if you live in rented accommodation, the contact details of your landlord or housing agency.

Belfast City Council Noise Control
People can call (028 9037 3006) or email (envhealth@belfastcity.gov.uk). After 8pm at night, to get someone out while noise is actually happening so it can be monitored.

Noise is restricted between 7am and 7pm, with more stringent restrictions between 7pm and 10pm. There should be no audible noise between 10pm and 7am and all day on a Sunday. (“Quiet” construction may be possible. In some exceptional circumstances, some noise may be permitted if the work can only be carried out at night.)