Reconnecting North Belfast to the River 1North Belfast Health Summit #NBHealthSummit

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North Belfast has been cut off from the city centre and the river by a broad swath of roads since the 1970’s. The current proposals for the York Street Road Interchange project aim to let motorway traffic flow but its urban impact will only deepen and embed the physical disconnect for all Belfast residents. It will create a large dead zone that cuts off North Belfast from the city.

An Alternative Road Interchange design is possible, one that prioritises re-making the local streets through the motorways, allowing the prospect of long term reconnection. Vibrant streets can support walking, business and living to link communities and let them avail of economic and educational opportunities of the city.

There is a chance to connect all of North Belfast communities back to the river. The webinar will introduce this connecting strategy and the discussion will explore what it could mean for the wider city and for the health and well-being of communities.


  • Mark Hackett Architect, Ashton Community Trust
  • Tony Fretton Architect
  • Dr Ken Sterret Retired Planning at QUB – School of Natural & Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast
  • Terri McKeown Sailortown Regeneration
  • Mary Black HNB Critical Friend (Independent Facilitator) – Retired (PHA), Healthy North Belfast – Retired (PHA)
  • Prof Michael McGarry QUB – Professor of Architecture – School of Natural and Built Environment, Queen’s University Belfast

One Small Step, One Giant Leap for our Community

As part of the Communities in Transition (CIT) Health & Wellbeing programme, Ashton Community Trust, in partnership with Lighthouse and YeHa are delighted to host a virtual North Belfast Health Summit to explore the work of community initiatives currently being delivered across the North Belfast area.

This event will bring together panels of experts in a series of webinars to outline developments in CIT projects and help understand their positive impact in North Belfast and beyond.

Discussion Themes:

  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Capacity Building
  • Urban Regeneration
  • Community Safety

We invite local residents and those who are actively engaged at a grassroots level to sign up and participate in any or all of our live event sessions.