Community Safety Awareness Outreach Programme Version 3 June 2020Ashton Community Trust is pleased to be working with community and voluntary groups across New Lodge and Ardoyne, with the aim of creating positive social change, as part of four new Communities in Transition programmes and projects. We aim to inspire, encourage and support increasing numbers of local people who are choosing to become active citizens and volunteers in our communities, when availing of opportunities for collaborative working and first-class training, while building inter-generational solidarity and increasing community resilience against the backdrop of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The following Communities in Transition programmes and project which are funded by The Executive Office and managed by Cooperation Ireland will run until the end of March 2020: Building Capacity Programme; Urban Regeneration Project; Community Safety and Awareness Programme and Health and Wellbeing Programme.

A strong focus is being put on the need for innovative collaboration which aims to create a clear framework for how transition groups and relevant statutory providers, as well as non-governmental organisations, can create sustainable change together. The big challenge of ‘People and Planet’ will certainly be at the heart of all our training, social action projects and civic-engagement. Ashton Community Trust is committed to helping groups set positive goals that underpin a vision of working alongside those who are determined to build genuinely collaborative relationships with local citizens.

Our objective is to develop a clear framework and community toolkit for how transition groups and statutory providers can create sustainable change together. By coming together, we are able to create solutions together. We seek to create a caring culture, one focused on connection to self, others and environment. We are reclaiming the economy, sparking entrepreneurship, reimagining work, reskilling communities and weaving waves of connection and support. Courageous conversations are being had with the aim of having extraordinary change unfold, offering our young people a positive future. For further information contact:
Paul Henry