Join the Community Family Support Programme to maximise your potential by improving your skills and knowledge and increase your employment prospects.

To qualify you must live in North Belfast and not be in education training or employment (or had your education postponed due to Covid 19).

Skills for Employment and Training

  • Preparing for work
  • Time Management
  • Using Emails

Managing Personal Finances

  • Managing a Personal Budget
  • Income, expenditure and making savings

Social Media Skills

  • Identify social media platforms Opportunities and threats
  • Minimising risks

Personal development

  • Personal Finance Management
  • Healthy Living
  • Using the internet

Office Skills

  • Develop skills in a wide range of office related duties

Healthy Living Develop a Personal Healthy Lifestyle

  • Balanced Diet Personal Fitness

IT User Skills

  • IT Security Using the Internet
  • Using Email effectively.
  • Word Processing Software

Personal Success & Wellbeing

  • Understanding Peer Pressure
  • Managing Personal Finances Exploring
  • Relationships Beliefs and Values

If anyone wishes to engage, they can contact the team via email kris.morrison@ashtoncentre.com, eileen.oprey@ashtoncentre.com, alana.mckeown@ashtoncentre.com or caroline.mcilwee@ashtoncentre.com

For further information on Community Family Support Programme, visit their page here.