Love Yourself Heal Your Life

Love Yourself Heal Your Life

26th, 28th, October 2nd, 4th, 9th November 2021 (6 -8pm)

This workshop is based on Louise L. Hay’s bestselling book ‘You Can Heal Your Life.’ It is a 12-hour workshop broken down into 2 x 2-hour sessions for three consecutive weeks via ZOOM.

It will help you gain deeper insight into your thinking patterns and gives you the tools and techniques to deal with life’s challenges and move forward.

You will learn how to:

  • Identify and transform negative beliefs
  • Release resentments and old emotions
  • Develop techniques for personal healing in all areas of life
  • Experience a fuller understanding of the power of self-love
  • Learn mirror work, visualisation and the use of affirmations
  • Practise the techniques and welcome more of what you want in your life

This workshop, developed by Louise L. Hay, internationally renowned metaphysical teacher and bestselling author, has helped many thousands of people make positive changes in their lives.

For further information contact: Mary Stanton, Bridge of Hope Training Coordinator on 028 90 22 10 22 or via email: