Wellbeing for Work

Everyone’s employment journey is unique – while some people need a little help in finding work or require training to secure particular jobs, there are a few who benefit from specialist support to get to a place where they feel they can work.

Having left his previous job due to mental health issues, Ben found himself out of the workplace for five years but a new relationship gave him a desire to support his family. However, this wasn’t as simple as he thought and each time he tried to enter the Jobs & Benefits Office he would feel overwhelmed and had to leave.

Hearing about LEMIS+, Ben contacted a Mentor and met to discuss options but it became evident that he may benefit from additional support. Signposted onto the Wellbeing for Work programme, Ben began a journey to develop confidence and implement daily structure.

Matched with one of our Wellbeing for Work coaches, he began to introduce a routine for bed, morning schedules and exercise plans. He was encouraged to introduce small steps such as taking his children to the park to help him get fresh air and exercise – understanding that these small changes could lead to improved blood pressure, a strengthened immune system and more energy.
The client’s coach reported that he: “feels great from exercising and this has also had a positive impact on his children, specifically the youngest who is sleeping better at night”

The coach also introduced affirmation work into the weekly sessions along with personal/professional achievements, which enabled Ben to identify his strengths and begin to see his skills from his previous work history and consider how best to use them for his future goals. The client was also advised to engage with his GP for a referral onto the Healthwise Programme, which gave him free access to his local leisure centre for 12 weeks.

By the end of his Wellbeing for Work programme, Ben informed his coach that his DLA would soon by stopping as he had successfully searched and found meaningful employment.

For more info on the Wellbeing for Work programme, call 028 9074 2255

At LEMIS+ Project we respect everyone who uses our services. So while their stories are true, client names and images may have been changed to protect their privacy.