Ashton Community Trust’s Communities in Transition: Health & Well-being Programme in North Belfast would like to invite you to quote for the delivery of Gardening Training and Support Sessions via Zoom (online), personal and/or group sessions to local residents. The Communities in Transition Programme funded by the Executive Office and supported by Co-Operation Ireland, was established to promote positive healthy life changes.

Please could you provide us with an overall quote based on the information below. The sessions should be delivered by the end of May and June 2021

  • Deliver a number of (To be Agreed) Face to Face and/or Zoom Gardening Training sessions to local residents in North Belfast (Mainly the areas of Ardoyne and New Lodge). Number of Training sessions to be agreed.
  • To promote training sessions through social media, community & voluntary group forums.
  • Liaise with Programme Manager and Area Co-ordinators to arrange when, where and in what format training sessions will take place. (Details of participants/streets involved will be provided).
  • Support residents in the planting and maintaining of plants and materials via face to face group/individual sessions.
  • Help support the planting of flowers on waste ground with local residents (Guerrilla Gardening).
  • Be able to complete some basic DIY, or can recommend a handyman to complete. I.e. Fixing brackets for Hanging baskets etc.
  • Work/link with Programme Manager to ensure promotional material, coordination of registration, delivery of resources to participants, monitoring and evaluation, collection of participant’s details, capturing photos etc. are completed.

Please respond outlining a detailed account of how you would deliver the specification within the timeframe, supplying detail on approach, methodology and content. Consideration will be given to the most efficient and effective approach to achieve objectives set out in the specification. Please contact Paul for a chat on 0784 361 9441 to clarify any information provided. Specification flexible and may be subject to change in consultation with Gardener/s.

Deadline: 12 noon, Tuesday 25th May 2021.  Please e-mail your quote to

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