The picture is of cara-donnelly a client of the Ashton Training & Employment Core project who is also an amazingly talented singer.  Diane her mentor identified Cara’s talent and helped her organise a session at a real recording studio.  Cara has made her demo which can be heard here{09b5bb0e73abeb0b7dddaa63bd2600777979a59f8bb7f23c17a43cd7556b33be}20coole{09b5bb0e73abeb0b7dddaa63bd2600777979a59f8bb7f23c17a43cd7556b33be}20studio{09b5bb0e73abeb0b7dddaa63bd2600777979a59f8bb7f23c17a43cd7556b33be}20productions.  Next week a music talent scout will be meeting her.  We wish Cara all the best and know that when she becomes famous she will remember the Core programme!