FabLab CoreCORE Project participants recently completed their January “ReStart” programme in partnership with Olympus Gym.

The aim of the programme was to enhance and improve participants outlook and help cope with those “January Blues”.

Over twenty new clients registered to become involved with our new three day course, focusing on building their mental resilience, physical fitness and improving their overall health and wellbeing.

During the course, clients gained skills from the Bridge of Hope with their “Empower Me” programme, training from Action Mental Health and learned conflict resolution tools from the Red Cross.

CORE participants then completed their training with a taster session at Ashton Community Trust’s FabLab.

As part of their “ReStart” program, participants also took advantage of their free one month gym membership at Olympus Gym, looking forward to a brighter, happier future.
One of the participants on CORE ReStart stated, “This has been a great start to the New Y ear for me. Not only did I enjoy the training but being able to go and improve my physical fitness as part of my training is a great experience”

For more info on CORE project courses contact 028 95 609 522 – www.facebook.com/AshtonCoreProject/