Bridge of Hope a department of Ashton Community Trust is a community health & well-being service that supports individuals affected by the conflict and poor physical & emotional health. We deliver a wide range of personal development, health and wellbeing programmes. In the North Belfast area our venues for delivery are: Ashton Centre, McSweeney Centre and Alliance Avenue.Bridge of Hope 01

We are currently recruiting individuals to benefit from our life coaching service. Bridge of Hope started providing community accessible life coaching services 10 years ago. Life Coaching is different to counselling. It is practice that helps people identify and achieve personal goals. It uses a wellness-focused approach to support people who wish to move forward. The one to one sessions help you to develop positive patterns in life, build resilience, focus on existing strengths and rediscover purpose in life. As a practice it centres around three core themes: positive thinking, changes in attitude and positive actions. If you would like to access this Life Coaching Service please get in touch with the team 028 9543 8707.

We are also rolling out a ‘dealing with the past’ programme called Transitional Justice Grassroots Toolkit. This programme is enriched by local experiences on historical events but also perspectives on present day matters. Nearly 20 years ago the Good Friday Agreement was signed and in 2014 the Stormont House Agreement was produced and we know there are lots of issues in-between to chart, map and discuss. Since 2011 over 250 people have studied the Toolkit and felt empowered as a result of taking part. If you are interested in this grassroots course get in touch with Áine Magee at Bridge of Hope on 028 9032 2289.

One of our most popular services is our 1 day personal development courses and weekend residentials. Over the next few months we have several opportunities to participate in these workshops:-

Strengths, Weaknesses, Ambitions and Needs (SWAN) 1 day course Saturday 21 October 2017. Venue: McSweeney Centre, Henry Place Belfast
Take 5 Resilience 1 day course Saturday 13 January 2018. Venue: McSweeney Centre, Henry Place Belfast
Meditation Residential 3-4 November 2017. Venue To Be Confirmed (TBC)
Love Yourself Heal Your Life 2-4 February 2018. Venue TBC.
Love Yourself Heal Your Life 23-25 February 2018. Venue TBC.

If you would like to register your name for these courses please get in touch with the team on 028 90221022. All of these services are funded by VSS which aims to promote the health and wellbeing of those affected by the conflict.