Kinderkids Afterschools Flyer Sept 2019 Option 2 Ashton Kinderkids aims to provide the highest quality experiences for the children who use our service. Ashton Kinderkids is committed to improving outcomes for the children who attend the Afterschool provision and in order to do this we are investing in and developing a Playwork approach to our practice.


Playwork is an approach to working with school-aged children that aims to support and facilitate the play process. Playwork allows children to engage in play that is freely chosen and self-directed, it is about removing barriers to play and providing a rich environment where children can adapt and control the play space to meet the aims of their play. Playwork encourages many skills, such as creativity, co-operation, problem-solving. It also allows children to take risks in play that are safe and controlled.

Natural Materials

A fundamental part of Playwork is based on ‘loose part’ play which is a concept that moves away from traditional shop bought toys and has a focus on all sorts of materials that children can become curious about, such as, natural materials, materials that are recycled or maybe viewed by some as junk. In Playwork all these materials are valued and the children can use them in a way which they think is of benefit or where their imagination takes them. This type of play will foster curiosity and enhance discovery in learning.

Professional Development

Ashton Kinderkids Afterschool is committed to promoting the Playwork principles and staff have begun to undertake study into Playwork and many are working towards a recognised Playwork qualification, which will enhance the provision and play for the Afterschool children but also contribute to the staffs own continued professional development.

Kinderkids Afterschools Flyer Map September 2019

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