This is the 8th year of the annual Ashton Bursary Awards. The purpose of the scheme is to provide assistance to other community projects in the local area especially where financial resources for a group are scarce and where they rely mainly on volunteers. So far about 90 individual bursaries have been granted to local projects involved in activities such as sport, art, music, health, housing, culture, history, remembrance, safety and wellbeing. In providing financial support Ashton Community Trust is recognising the voluntary commitment of the various local groups.DSC 1056

To be eligible for the bursary groups must meet the following criteria;

Is inclusive and non party political
Is working in the Greater New Lodge area
Is meeting local needs and providing local services
Has modest resources and would find it difficult in accessing funding

If you have received a grant in the past you must provide some detail about how this was used for the benefit of the local community.
Maximum grant available is £500
Total grant fund available is £5,000
For a Bursary application form contact Paul O’Neill or Louise Hunter at the Ashton Centre 5 Churchill Street. BT15 2BP Phone 90 742255. Application closing date Friday 3rd November 2017.