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Mirror Signal Manoeuvre - 5/8/2020

9Learning to drive and passing your test can be one of life’s the most rewarding experiences for anyone. With the driving licence comes a new sense of freedom, confidence and even job and education opportunities that can benefit the learner and their families.

As part of CORE Project’s new training package, I was invited on a driving lesson with CORE client Laura and her driving instructor, Darren to find out how she was finding the process and see what advice she could give to others thinking of starting their lessons with CORE.

Laura interior 2Around twenty minutes or so into the lesson, Laura was feeling relaxed and confident behind the wheel. In the capable hands of her driving instructor Darren from The Car College, Laura pulled into a local car park along the Shore Road to practice her “bay park”. Laura nailed her manoeuvre and explained how her confidence had grown since beginning the lessons. Laura was looking forward to the upcoming challenge of her driving test, her future plans and what the independence she would gain from driving would mean to her.

“I was nervous to begin with but I’m eight lessons in now. I’ve started my manoeuvres and have gotten really good at reverse parking… I can reverse park between two cars, no problem!”

I had to agree, her parking was better than mine.

I asked her what she thought she had gained from starting her lessons,

“I think my confidence overall was low when I joined CORE. I really didn’t have a clue about driving either but I joined the Driver Theory class and worked hard towards passing my Theory test. I attended classes every time with the tutor and in a couple of short weeks, I was ready to take the test. I passed first time and started the lessons. It’s strange how quickly I went from not knowing anything about driving to be talking now about booking my test. I’m nervous and excited at the same time. Getting that licence will completely change my life”

Car College CarI had to agree. I’d met Laura when she first joined CORE and found her to be somewhat shy at first. She oozed confidence now as she put the car into first gear, checked her blind-spot and took off again down the road.

I asked her instructor Darren, what he had thought about Laura’s progress, “She’s coming on well and picks things up very quickly. She’ll be ready for the test in no time”

After an hour or so from setting out, we arrived back at Laura’s home on the Crumlin Road for some feedback from Laura and her instructor. Another successful lesson it seems and her skill set is growing every week. I wanted to ask her about how she felt since joining the programme and would she recommend it to others.

“Absolutely, this is about more than just learning to drive and pass a test. This means so much to me. I didn’t have anything to concentrate on and throw my heart into before. I was always looking at jobs in places like the care sector that I’d need to have a licence for. As soon as I pass the test, it’ll open a world of opportunities for me. I can’t wait to get started. I’d recommend the CORE Project to anyone looking to pass their driving test or even gain more confidence. I’ve met so many good people there from my mentor Diane who kept encouraging me when I needed it and my tutor for helping me through the theory test.”

I said my goodbyes to Laura and her instructor and wished her luck for her test. Delighted with her progress and her new found confidence I can’t wait to see her in “R plates” in the very near future.

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