Building Positive Relations


The Building Positive Relations programme is funded by PEACE IV, which is a unique initiative of the European Union to support peace and reconciliation in Ireland which is managed locally by SEUPB.

The SEUPB is responsible for the implementation of the EU’s PEACE IV (€270m) and INTERREG VA (€283m) Programmes. SEUPB also have a signposting role to promote involvement in the INTERREG VB Transnational and INTERREG VC Interregional Programmes.


The Building Positive Relations project is led by Ashton Community Trust and involves a partnership between the Coiste Network (that represents political ex-prisoners), Veterans for Peace, Irish Immigration Advisors and Belfast Conflict Resolution Centre.

The project started in late 2018 and aims to conclude in 2020. The work is regional and aims to impact on communities in areas such as Dundalk, Letterkenny, Derry/Londonderry, Leitrim, Monaghan and Belfast.

The Building Positive Relations Partnership

Coiste Na Narchlimi

The Coiste Network has worked to reinforce progress towards a peaceful and stable society and to promote reconciliation sin 1998. Coiste are working to ensure political ex-prisoners receive full and equal rights so that they can enjoy equality of citizenship and benefit for the peace and political dissension. To that end Coiste interacts with all sectors of this society, statutory, non-statutory, community based, republican, unionist, nationalist, loyalist and those communities new to life in Ireland.

Ashton Community Trust 

Ashton Community Trust is an award winning social regeneration charity that works to deliver real benefits for local people. It was formally established in 1991 with a mission ‘To promote positive change and improve the quality of life of the North Belfast community.’ Located in the New Lodge area of North Belfast it works to address severe levels of social and economic deprivation. These health and life inequalities are further compounded by the legacy of the conflict.

Veterans For Peace

VfP is an organisation of former British soldiers who currently promote dialogue and encourage no violent methods for resolving conflicts. In past years, VfP has worked on many occasions with many groups to that end – giving their experiences of service in Ireland and lessons learned. They have interacted in this manner with schools, youth and adult groups form all types of community backgrounds including republicans, loyalists, mixed schools’ groups and GAA groups.

Irish Immigration Advisors

Irish immigration network is an independent agency committed to immigration matters and the integration of people with immigrant background in Ireland. They offer advice on immigration, advocacy support service on rights and entitlements, and deliver training in the areas of immigration, inter culturalism and diversity.

Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium

The Belfast Conflict Resolution Consortium (BCRC) is a citywide cross-community partnership working to assist conflict transformation at Belfast’s interfaces.  The overarching mission of BCRC is focused on two parallel processes:

1)   To provide an integrated response to tensions at interfaces and to prevent outbreaks of violence through fostering and expanding cross-community strategic alliances.

2)   To enhance within interface communities conflict resolution skills, local leadership capacity, democratic involvement, and reconciliation efforts and to share future work on the legacy of the conflict and social problems faced by these communities.

For further information contact:

Project Manager

Tel: (028) 90 322289


The Building Positive Relations Project is funded by the European Union’s PEACE IV Programme, managed by the Special EU Programmes Body (SEUPB).

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